X-Raying Inefficiencies with Process Mining: Rudolf Kuhn, Co-founder of Process Gold (UiPath)

Rudolf Kuhn (UiPath, founder of Process Gold) and I are speaking about process mining, a key success factor in automating complex processes.

This episode is dedicated to the topic of process mining. The technology has seen strong growth over the past few years but there are still many people who have never seen it work in practice. I am happy that Rudolf "Rudi" Kuhn joined me on this episode, one of the cofounders of Process Gold which recently got acquired by UiPath and we will learn how this came about.
In addition, we also spoke about these topics:
  • How process mining add transparency to business processes analysis
  • The relevance of process mining for automating processes and how it relates to Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • How process mining helps companies and authorities responding to some of the effects of COVID-19
  • Ways for small companies can explore the technology on their own
  • Where the automation industry is moving as a whole
You can connect with Rudi via LinkedIn or check out his new YouTube channel Process Mining Ambassador.

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