Taking No-Code Automation to the Extreme: Andrew Davison, Founder of Luhhu

A conversation between Andrew Davison from Luhhu, a no-code automation company, Gero Keil from colabel, and myself. We speak about the most complex automation Andrew has done for a customer, what he took away from it, and a bit more.

This is a special episode as I am joined by a co-host for the first time, Gero from colabel. Together we are speaking to Andrew Davison (Twitter: @AndrewJDavison), who is one of the most active people in the no-code automation space. He and his team at Luhhu have automated well over a thousand processes, primarily with the help of Zapier and Integromat. Besides, he is also a talented writer and great conversation partner – reason enough to invite him for a chat.

Andrew and his team are automating processes for a wide range of customers. But for the purpose of this show, I asked him to dig into the past and find the most complex automation he has built: We are zooming in on a case from the e-commerce space where he built an automation chain spanning more than 20 steps in one row. On that example, we are covering the following topics:
  • Why people build 20-step automation with Zapier in the first place
  • Stability issues with complex flows and how to conquer them
  • When to choose no-code over code and vice versa
  • The most common helper tools for building automations
  • How his company name Luhhu came about

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