Automating startups: George Basov, Operations at Steps

George connects and automates physical with digital processes at online insole manufacturer GetSteps.

George is one of the few people I know that are working at a startup and are dedicated to automation. Right after graduating with an MSc in Entrepreneurship from WHU, he started collecting deep knowledge about automating processes, both supporting digital and physical operations.

After some time at McKinsey and company builder Rocket Internet, George joined a young company called GetSteps. Their company sells orthopedic insoles that are tailor-made for each customer, which requires close interaction between the digital and physical processes.

Integrating physical and digital processes is actually a first on this show and it was interesting for me to learn a bit more about this. In addition, George shares his experience on:
  • Automating sales processes from lead generation to closing deals
  • Premature optimization
  • The impact of good automation on company culture and employee satisfaction
  • How data engineering impacts automation efforts
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